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Posted by WhoAteTheWaffles - June 11th, 2011

I gave up on dA and left my page there so the people can celebrate!
Wow, I'm back here again...
Well, I guess now I'm staying here.

Posted by WhoAteTheWaffles - May 22nd, 2011

Ta-derp! I finally made a picture! So now you see how I draw. I am also on DeviantArt now so yipee! :3 Comments? And I will post more stuff soon! :D

matt-likes-swords' foe contest entry!

Posted by WhoAteTheWaffles - April 16th, 2011

... that I cannot stand people who are lookin to start a fight? Now, I won't mention any names... *cough cough "pirate9899" cough cough*. Honestly, what'd I ever do to you? >_> So, cruising along the road of life, all is well. I finally am drawing up a storm! :D Once my scanner is up and running I'll scan in some stuff! Finally, after a few months of promises, I will finally get something up! I'll update soon!
P.S. If you've wandered onto my page, please leave a comment. It makes me happy to know that someone has found me! :D

Posted by WhoAteTheWaffles - March 19th, 2011

Imma live! Just for anyone who knows I exist XD! ... dunno what else to say, other than I'm finally gonna start posting stuff... (Hopefully... >3<) Au revoir! :3

Posted by WhoAteTheWaffles - February 2nd, 2011

Hai. Just spazed out on a guy who told matt-likes-swords to stop making EBF. Haha, I slaughtered the crap out of the guy who posted that. His name is synoocheo2. Give him a piece of your mind if u favor matt's EBFs. Got a new phone... iz shiney. Gonna start saving up money for flash so I can join y'll at the flash portal. I have to get $700 for the software, and an additional $100 for the upgrades and such. :P I''ll keep track of how much I collect and let ya know soon. PEACE OUT


Posted by WhoAteTheWaffles - January 27th, 2011

OMG! Hate the snow, hate midterms... hate science fair. WILL THIS MADNESS END?! I'm in need of fanservice... where's natz when you need her? Haha oh yeah, TO EPIC BATTLE FANTASY 3! :D Hopefully gonna submit stuff this year (even do my first project as a collab effort with homburg101!) It's gonna be an RPG. If you dare evn say I'm gonna steal suff from matt-likes-swords, you might as well go **** yourself. JUST KIDDING I LOVE Y'ALL!!! But seriously, the concept won't be original :/ BUT BACKGROUNDS, MUSIC, IMAGES, ANIMATIONS, EVERYTHING will be absolutely 100% original. I'm not douchey enough to go as low as taking credit for someone else's work. BTW, if any of you could give recomendations as to what software I could use and any other suggestions would be very appriciated. :3
... p.s. hate on me and you will not be able to bud any further. I am a second degree blackbelt and will kick the crap out of you if you hate on me. >:(

Posted by WhoAteTheWaffles - January 16th, 2011

Yeah... I know that nobody is reading this! If you are, wanna leave me some proof? I'm gonna freakin embarass myself here... but WTH! I KNOW that none of you have met me in real life!!! >:D And if you have... STOP STALKING ME!!! Haha! LIVE ON CFDG!!! (inside joke. if you read my written blog, you'd get the bloody joke. ;3 )

Posted by WhoAteTheWaffles - December 29th, 2010

Hi... uhm I am new to this whole animation business. My stuff may stink but please cut me some slack 'cuz I'm a newbie.