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Favorite Audio

Chase the Winds ~AFC~ Miscellaneous Loop
PYr4m1D H4sSl3 ~AFC~ Miscellaneous Loop
Zelda II - Temple Redux Video Game Loop
Behind Dark Walls Classical Loop
Descending Storm Miscellaneous Loop
Healmono EverGreen Classical Loop
Those Who Fight (Demo) ~P~ Video Game Loop
The Chirpling's Tale Classical Loop
Searching... ~P~ Classical Loop
GEN-eRiK ~P~ Techno Song
ALitDoD (Preview) ~P~ Video Game Loop
The Stage is Set ~P~ Video Game Loop
Raindrops of a Dream ~P~ Classical Loop
Following Your Star ~P~ Video Game Song
A Light in the Darkness ~P~ Video Game Song
Kick S. Beats ~P~ Miscellaneous Loop
You'll Never Guess This! ~P~ Video Game Loop
Lost and Forgotten ~P~ Video Game Loop
Estavius ~P~ Classical Loop
Enter the Woods ~P~ Classical Loop
We Dream of Booty! :D ~P~ Miscellaneous Loop
Organ Jaws (Extended) ~P~ Miscellaneous Song
Sisters of Snow Dissent ~P~ Miscellaneous Loop
Journey to the East ~P~ Classical Song
Travels to the North ~P~ Classical Loop
Nebula ~P~ Techno Loop
Rave v2 ~P~ Techno Loop
Heroes March ~P~ Classical Loop
Wings ~P~ Video Game Loop
Acruta Lao D'nor ~P~ Miscellaneous Loop
DiVINe MaDNEss ~P~ Miscellaneous Song
z0MG \/ICT0RY!! ^o^ ~P~ Classical Song
Game Over... ~P~ Classical Song
Binary Emisions ~P~ Video Game Loop
Heroes March (Extended) ~P~ Classical Song